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The Man Who Cursed on Calvary

Part 1

It has always been a cause for much gratitude to God on my part that He gave me some very wonderful experiences in connection with helping others to know Jesus personally,  in my very early days as a worker for Christ.

I was only a lad of fifteen when I left my home to become a Salvation Army officer, and at the age of sixteen I was commissioned as Lieutenant.

I served in this capacity in the city of San Bernardino, California, where at that time our meetings were attracting large audiences.
This was because of the many remarkable cases of conversion that had taken place just shortly before another officer and I were sent to that post.
These conversions continued also after our arrival.

For some two weeks I had noticed a blond young man  who always occupied the same seat about half-way down the hall on the left-hand side from the platform, and he seemed to me to be listening with great earnestness.
I could not get his face out of my mind,  and feeling sure that God must be dealing with him in his heart,  I continued to pray for him.

On several occasions I made an effort to speak to him before he reached the front door,  but he did not seem to wish to speak with anyone,  and the moment the benediction was pronounced he would leave as quickly as he could.

This had been going on for over a fortnight when on one particular evening he came in a little later than usual.
The meeting was already in full swing and every seat occupied except two, and they right up at the front of the auditorium.

He came diffidently up the aisle,  looking to right and left for a place, and finally slipped into one of these vacant chairs.
He sat there holding his hat in his hand, looking as though he felt somewhat like a fish out of water,  and very uncomfortable, because of being so near to the preachers.