at all times

Psalm 34
1. I will bless the Lord at all times;
His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
New King James Bible

In a period of his life when he was in daily danger of being killed, David was establishing what would be the tone in his inner person.
He purposed that He would
spend time kneeling and submitting to the Lord,
saluting the Lord as his Commanding Officer,
that his would be an attitude of constant thanksgiving and
that he would have a hymn, a God-song going on inside him all the time.

He said that all this would not only be going on quietly inside him but it would also be 'in my mouth'.

Why would God-songs and thanksgiving need to be in his mouth?
The mouth has long been used as a weapon in the communications war.

David was a soldier by profession and he understood how to fight literal war and also how to win the communications war.

David understood that if he wanted to come out of this terrible situation with his sanity and his person in tact, he would have to take the offensive in the war of the mouth, beginning with himself.

David knew that whatever came out of his mouth was setting the course for his future.
He wanted more than anything else that God should be in charge of his future because he understood that it was God who had called him into the world, to be alive at that particular time in history.

Therefore, the more that thanksgiving came out of his mouth, the more he was including God in his life.

The more God-songs came out of his mouth, the more God-thoughts dominated his life.

The more God-songs and God-thoughts overtook his mouth, the more God would be able to map out a great future for David.
And God certainly did that!

Father, today I will bless You, Lord at all times;
Your praise shall continually be in my mouth, so that I can include You in my life, so that You can dominate my thoughts and so that You can map out Your great future for me,
in Jesus' name I pray,

See you again tomorrow, God willing, for another inspiring article!

May you receive the rich blessing of the Lord God,
as you seek to love Him with all your
heart, soul, mind and strength today!