Hi there!
Pastor Grace Welcomes You Today!
We're hoping to encourage you to find
a new perspective on life
and propel yourself
out of misfortune
and into HOPE!

Today's Encouragement:

5. The New Attitude to Others

To lift myself out of poverty And become the person God created me to be
I need to change my thinking about Myself:

If I have not dealt with others
With their highest good in mind;

If I have been thoughtless and selfish
thinking only of my own interests;
I cannot expect others
To want to maintain a relationship with me.
If I have said one thing with my words,
and lived my life in opposition to my words;
I cannot expect other people to trust me, or
To want to maintain a relationship with me.

Sometimes when we have had a great deal of misfortune in life, we may treat others in a way that causes them to turn away from us, and in a way that causes them not to be willing to help us anymore.

It is clear therefore that to continue treating people this way, will not be in our best interest. Therefore, we need to change our lifestyle completely where other people are concerned.

This will open the door to the blessing of God and people to come into our life in abundance!

Father, forgive me if I have held others in mind and blamed them for the misfortune in my life. I realise that the longer I hold a grudge against them in my heart, the longer I will stay a victim of poverty.

Therefore today, I release them out of my heart and give them to You to deal with for me. I turn myself in the direction of being a blessing to those around me, so that Your blessing can come into my life,
In Jesus' name I pray,