Mr. Yataro Yamaguchi

In vain Mr. Kasamatsu pressed the claims of God and His Christ.   At times it seemed the contractor was about to yield, then he drew back and resisted the pleadings of the Holy Spirit.
I had many conversations with him myself, but both Mr. Kasamatsu and I came at last to the conclusion that the sin of covetousness stood between Yamaguchi and his soul's salvation and we feared he might never be saved.

After three months we left Sacramento and went elsewhere to labor.

It was about a year later that I returned, this time with a Mr. William M. Horsey, an evangelist from the East.
We secured an auditorium and had nightly meetings for some weeks.
On Saturday evenings we went out into the street and preached the gospel to large crowds at the corner of 4th and K streets in the business district, which was also near the part of the city where the Japanese congregated.

One Saturday night I was pleased to see Mr. Yamaguchi in the crowd, and I noticed that he seemed to be listening intently.
At the close he came right over to me, shook me warmly by the hand, inquired kindly after Evangelist Kasamatsu, and then asked as to our indoor meetings.
He surprised me by eagerly inquiring if we had "a meeting where you eat the bread, drink the wine, show how Jesus Christ die for sinners?"

I knew he meant the Communion and told him we observed the Lord's Supper each Sunday at eleven in the morning.
"May I come?" he asked.
"Certainly," I replied, "we do not shut anyone out, though only those who know and love the Lord participate at His table."

The next morning he appeared at that service. There were less than twenty of us, so he was quite conspicuous as he sat throughout with the most intent look imaginable upon his face, watching us carefully and following all the hymns, prayers and Scriptures read.

As soon as we have partaken of the communion, he rose to his feet exclaiming, "I like to pray!"

I felt sorry I had not explained that strangers such as he were not expected to take part and I greatly feared a disturbance which would be in the nature of an anti-climax to what had been thus far a very precious remembrance of the Lord.

But I need not have feared.   He prayed much as follows:
"O God, I all broke up. One whole year I fight you. I fight hard against your Holy Spirit. O God, I cannot fight any more. I see your people eat the bread, drink the wine, tell how Jesus die for sinner like me. O God, I give up. I take Him now for my Saviour. Forgive all my sins. Save me now for Jesus' sake. Amen."