Willing to believe in Jesus!

For a number of years following the close of the World War it was my privilege to preach in the famous old Tent Evangel in New York City for a limited period every summer.

This was a testimony carried on under the direction of Dr. George W. McPherson, backed by a committee of Christian business-men, designed to give the people of Manhattan a nightly gospel service during the hot months, when many of the churches either closed altogether or discontinued the evening meetings.

It was a cheering sight to see 1500 to 2000, or even more, gathered night after night under the canvas top, listening to the gospel of the grace of God as proclaimed by well-known evangelists and outstanding pastors from all parts of the American and other continents. Of these I was one of the least.

It was through the good offices of a group of Christians, who were deeply interested in the evangelization of the great metropolis, that I was first invited to come over from California for a month's meetings, after which I was asked to go year after year.

One could tell of many who were brought to a saving knowledge of Christ in those days. But of these one man stands out as a clear-cut testimony to the power of the Word of God to speak to heart and conscience and reveal the glories of Christ as the Son of God, through whose merits salvation is offered to sinful men.

I had just come down from the platform at the close of the meeting one evening, when a man came forward and in a rather nervous, jerky manner exclaimed,
"I'd give a lot to believe what you have preached tonight. I know you folks get a lot of comfort and peace out of it, that I know nothing of. But I cannot take it in. I am an agnostic. But I will say this:
If you could prove to me that Jesus Christ is the Son of God I would trust Him as my Saviour and give my life to Him. I admire the character of Jesus immensely, but I cannot accept His Deity. What proof have you that He is more than man? that He is the divine Son of God?"

"Are you in dead earnest about this?"I inquired. "Do you promise faithfully to follow Him if convinced He is the Son of God?"

"Yes. I am not afraid to make that promise. But how can you prove any such thing?"