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Today's Family Meditation

Father & Mother

Proverbs 20:
20 Whoever curses his father or his mother,
His lamp will be put out in deep darkness.

To harbour anger inside yourself over an extended period is dangerous to the health of your inner person.

If you are angry over something, don't keep the anger boiling inside you, it will poison you. Instead ask God to help you to do something constructive about what is making you angry.

But to be so angry with your parents that you curse them, is the most dangerous kind of anger to harbour within you.

What does it mean to curse your parents?
It means to belittle their worth as human beings and to pour contempt upon them as your source. It means to call ill-will upon them, and may also mean to use profanity in speaking to them.

When you are so angry with them that you belittle them, pour contempt upon them and call ill-will into their life, you are really cursing yourself: because you came out of them.

This does not mean that they may not be toxic people to you.
They very well may be.

But cursing them invites their toxicity and destruction into your life. By belittling them, you put out your own lamp!

That's not wise!

Father, please help me today in how I think and speak about my parents.
Father, please show me how to use any anger I feel towards them in a positive and constructive way, so I don't end up cursing myself.
Father, I really want my life to move forward positively, and not to be held back in a rut of negativity,
in Jesus' name,