Pastor Grace welcomes YOU warmly today!


Jeremiah 33:
2 Thus says the Lord Who made the earth, the Lord Who formed it to establish it - the Lord is His name:
3 Call to Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things:
things fenced in and hidden,
things which you do not know,
things which you do not distinguish and recognize,
things which you do not have knowledge of
and things which you do not understand.   (The Amplified Bible)

The Word of God instructs us to ask God for great and mighty things. Today we will consider the Apostle Paul. He knew how we ought to understand the salvation God is offering us.
1 Corinthians 2:
1 In the same way, my brothers, when I came to proclaim to you God's secret purpose, I did not come equipped with any brilliance of speech or intellect.
You may as well know now that it was my secret determination to concentrate entirely on Jesus Christ and the fact of his death upon the cross. As a matter of fact, in myself I was feeling far from strong; I was nervous and rather shaky.
What I said and preached had none of the attractiveness of the clever mind, but it was a demonstration of the power of the Spirit! Plainly God's purpose was that your faith should not rest upon man's cleverness but upon the power of God . . .
9 But as it is written: 'Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him'. But God has, through the Spirit, let us share his secret.
10 For nothing is hidden from the Spirit, not even the deep wisdom of God. For who could really understand a man's inmost thoughts except the spirit of the man himself? How much less could anyone understand the thoughts of God except the very Spirit of God?
And the marvellous thing is this, that we now receive not the spirit of the world but the Spirit of God himself, so that we can understand something of God's generosity towards us.   (Phillips New Testament)

It is so wonderful to know that the understanding of this great and mighty salvation God has so generously made available to us, does not come necessarily from having a brilliant intellect. The Apostle Paul himself certainly had that in abundance.
However he understood that the secret to understanding the salvation of God is found in the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit explains salvation to us, He speaks, not first to our intellect, but to our human spirit, and that is why anyone who is open to the Holy Spirit can understand God's salvation.

During the early 1930s, before the Second World War, a servant of God called Corrie ten Boom taught a Sunday School class of intellectually challenged teens. She reported that any part of God's salvation she set out to explain to them, they understood without a problem.
She found that they understood these spiritual concepts of salvation so easily, that she thought she would try explaining other things to them. One evening she took them out and tried to teach them the constellations in the sky. But they couldn't understand that and got bored.
It was then she grasped what the Apostle Paul is telling us in these verses of his letter to the Corinthians. When salvation is explained to the human spirit by God's Spirit - who is the Holy Spirit - no brilliance of speech or intellect is necessary. This knowledge is readily available to anyone whose personal spirit is open to the Holy Spirit.

Today, if you are struggling to understand any aspect of God's salvation, begin reading in the Bible about Jesus Christ and the fact of His death on the cross, and as you read, ask the Holy Spirit to explain it to your spirit. Then see how your understanding increases.

Lord Holy Spirit, I see that I will not begin to understand this wonderful salvation of God without You explaining it to my spirit.
Today I open my heart and life to You, and ask that You reveal all that there is about salvation to me, so that I can grasp it and live it. Please begin explaining to me about the Lord Jesus Christ and the fact of His death on the cross.
Thank You for salvation through Jesus Christ right now. I fully embrace this salvation today. Amen.

See you tomorrow, God willing,
so we can continue knowing the Lord together!
Meanwhile, have a great day walking with the Lord!