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  • Keys of Comfort

    Over the past few weeks, the whole concept of working in ministry has begun to unfold before my very eyes.

    Firstly, it is indeed true, God has to call you into a life of ministry.
    I believe that if you are not chosen by God for ministry, then you will have no where to run to, to sit a while and refresh, when you feel burnt out. Many people get 'tied-up' when they see the fruit of labour of ministry workers. They tell themselves that what ministry workers are doing is easy pickings. They don't see the background work.

    Ministry workers see many dark days. Days when they feel like "oh what is the use!?"
    Elijah knew this feeling only too well. He had just performed a mighty miracle to display the awesome power of God. No sooner had he done that, that he had to be on the run for his life. He found refuge in a cave, where he had a heart to heart with God.

    Ministry workers have to remind themselves that God has called them to minister the Word. They can change no one. God says minister the Word, if they receive it then a soul has been won for the Kingdom. If they don't receive it, then their blood is not on your hands.

    Many times ministry workers are ridiculed because of their beliefs. Noah knew this feeling. He received a Word from God about the coming flood, the people laughed him to scorn, but Noah continued steadfastly.

    Just this week I too was ridiculed.
    One of the girls from my ministry to the handicapped is now pregnant, and is not married. In speaking with her mother, I was told that I should leave the girl in the real world, where fornication is a part of everyday life and that the Godly values that I am trying to instill in the young lady is rubbish.

    The way of righteous living is foolishness to those that are perishing. I had to remind myself of who called me into ministry. It is God. He has asked me to sow the 'seed' and it is the Holy Spirit that gives the increase.

    Of course, the situation saddened my heart. Jesus too had times of saddness - when He went to Lazarus tomb and even at the garden of Getsemane. But He always saw the bigger picture, He saw the great move of God to come. Thus, like Jesus I will see the bigger picture, I will see the great move of God to come.

    Satan is ever working. He doesn't take time to sleep nor does he take vacation. He is always looking for ways to discourage Christians.
    That is why it is important for us to saturate our lives with the Word, even more so for ministry workers. Surely, all of us are, and should all be endeavouring to win souls for the Kingdom.
    But really active ministry workers like pastors, evangelists, teachers, apostles, etc have to make the Word of God a lifestyle and remember to keep our soul 'anchored in the Lord' as Satan hates the idea of us trying to win souls. He actively sends darts our way, and so we must ever be ready.

    When you are ridiculed by those that are perishing remember that Jesus reminds us in His Word, that if they (the World) hated Him, they will hate us (His people). The servant is not greater than the master.

    To all ministry workers, even as I encorage myself this morning, I encourage you:
    This race is not for the swiftest, but for those who will endure, steadfastly to the end. And oh, what an end to look forward to, the time when we will see our Lord and Saviour face to face!

    © Servant-in-the-Making,    May 2009

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    See you tomorrow, God willing.
    There'll be another Success Thought here for you then.
    Meanwhile, be blessed in all you do today!

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