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Exodus 33:
12 And Moses said to the Lord, See, you say to me, Be this people's guide on their journey, but you have not made clear to me whom you will send with me. But you have said, I have knowledge of you by name, and you have grace in my eyes.
13 If then I have grace in your eyes, let me see your ways, so that I may have knowledge of you and be certain of your grace; and my prayer is that you will keep in mind that this nation is your people.
14 And he said, I myself will go with you and give you rest.
15 And Moses said, If you yourself are not going with us, do not send us on from here.
16 For is not the fact of your going with us the sign that I and this people have grace in your eyes, so that we, that is, I and your people, are separate from all other people on the face of the earth?
17 And the Lord said to Moses, I will do as you say: for you have grace in my eyes, and I have knowledge of you by your name.
18 And Moses said, O Lord, let me see your glory.
19 And he said, I will make all the light of my being come before you, and will make clear to you what I am; I will be kind to those to whom I will be kind, and have mercy on those on whom I will have mercy.
Bible in Basic English

Like Moses and his people, when we set out on the journey of life, we too need

to have a basic knowledge of the Name of the Lord
to know that He looks upon us with favour
to know that we belong to Him and He will reveal Himself to us further
to know for sure that He will go with us
to see as much of His glory as we are able to take in
to know that He will be kind to us and have mercy on us

Father, since You have made me and redeemed me to Yourself, now open my understanding so that, like Moses and his people I can
have a basic knowledge of the Name of the Lord
know that You look upon me with favour
know that I belong to You and You will reveal Yourself to me further
know for sure that You will go with me
see as much of Your glory as I am able to take in
know that You will be kind to me and have mercy on me
in Jesus' name,

See you tomorrow, God willing,
when you'll find a new thought here to challenge you!
Meanwhile, have a great day walking with the Lord!


    LB stands for
    "The Living Bible", by Tyndale House Publishers
    NKJV stands for
    "The New King James Bible",
    by Thomas Nelson Publishers


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